Prescott Here We Come

It’s That Time, Prescott Here We Come!

Brinkmeyer_House_Prescott,_AZIt’s coming up on the end of summer, and if there is anyone else like me, not one bit of it has been spent doing anything fun. So why not take a vacation? It’s the dog days of summer and you’ll only have a bit more left until it’ll be too late for a fun and refreshing trip! On the list of top places to vacation, Prescott, Arizona is certainly not a dull place. If you’re looking for refreshing, relaxing place to be then you’ll certainly find it here. Bring the family even, there is more than enough to do! And if you don’t know where to live in, just check it out and you will find what you are looking for:

Number one rated vacation spot for Prescott, Watson Lake. It is a gorgeous place to go, and fun for the whole family. Make it an early morning trip or an all-day event; hiking, photography, kayaking, fishing, this lake has a lot of things to do so everyone can find something to do. It has an amazing landscape, and one of the bonus of Watson Lake, it’s close to Downtown Historic Prescott.

For any person looking for a little culture in their vacation, or just some place to keep cool for a while, the Downtown Historic Area is a favorite place for visitors and locales alike, as the area has Town Square to enjoy. Around the Town Square is lined with shops and boutiques, able to whet anyone’s desire. Be it for window shopping, knickknack shop, historical curiosities, or even just to enjoy the local food and drinks.

Prescott is home a local brewery that is in town, and available to be toured. It also has dinner theatre locations, and several more lakes that are close by. The several hiking trails that lead into the nature of Prescott is great for people looking for a little nature in their vacation. In addition for those who are interested in the paranormal, ghost and vampire tours are available throughout the historic location, and sure to stir up something!

Besides just being a great vacationing spot, Prescott is a great place to purchase property in. Whether it be in renting or buying, 3032774_6bf95189there is something for everyone who has fallen in love with Prescott. There are several houses in the Prescott area that are usually available for renting. If you are looking for a potentially permanent home, they also have several that are rent to own homes, and houses to buy. If you’re someone looking for a little less of the immediate people then they have several cabins further up in the higher areas of Prescott that are able to be rented out at reasonable prices.

Prescott is a great place to visit, but if you’re debating a move to a relaxing spot, Prescott should definitely be on the top of your list. It has a great community, pet-friendly for those who have furry children. And there is always something to be done there. Take a trip to Prescott, Arizona! Maybe find that you’ll love it and even make a home for yourself there.